Move with the Times

Our Computers, Internet Access are provided by the Centres Management Committee.

Four Internet connected Computers, linked to one printer, are set up in the library and are open for use by our members free of charge from MONDAY to FRIDAY 8am to 4pm with the exception of Public Holidays.  There is no booking system to use the computers, but you will find that at most times of the day there is at least 1 computer free.

Our computers are available to our financial membership and there is no cost to access the computers or for the use of the internet.

Annual Membership is due on July 1 at the cost of $11 GST inclusive.

We are also lucky enough to have a couple of Volunteer Computer Whiz’s!

COMPUTER HELP  On most Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 2.30pm (not on school holidays or on the odd occasion that his business calls him away from this commitment.)  This session is not a “teaching” as such, but rather an assistance with any queries you may have. If you have no idea how to use a computer he will begin “at the very beginning”, or if you need assistance with sending emails, surfing the net or a particular problem with your own computer, he can assist you with that.

BEGINNERS CLASSES   About four times a year a Basic Computer Course is run over a 6 week period, once a week for 2 hours. The volunteer assumes that you have no or limited knowledge of computers.

If you are interested in participating please put your name down in the office and you will be contacted as soon as the next class is organised.